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Biography of the Artists


Born in Sao Paulo, Brazil, Valeria Rocchiccioli uses mass-produced discarded objects as her main medium; Her sculptures remind us that the ordinary can become extraordinary. This is evident when the artist shifts the material's original intention of existence by recycling paper magazines, books, weaving plastic bottles, caps and zip ties into unpredictable forms.

Valeria's work echoes nature through strategies of multiplicity and representation. Pieces made with synthetic materials grow in her studio like weeds grow in backyards. There is no rule for growth. The size is determined by variable factors including the walls of the room, the quantity of material she can gather and the physical limitations of the material.

Once she finds the way of transforming the material, she has to repeat the process countless times, creating a singularity out of the multiplicity. She weaves with bottles and caps as her grandmother used to weave wool or as a spider weaves its web. It is when her hands are busy that her mind is free and the material speaks.

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